Sharing is Caring: Hornet Adds “Likes” to Your Profile Feed

Sharing is Caring: Hornet Adds “Likes” to Your Profile Feed

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It can’t be all mysterious! Starting today, Hornet users are able to like stories, events and places that matter to them, while also giving a little FYI to their followers. Yep – we just gave you a bull horn to your feed.

How it works: once you’ve selected which event, place or topic you like within the app, you can let your followers know that you like it by tapping on the heart icon from within the app. It’ll appear in your feed. Further, you’ll be able to see which guys are following the same things if you click on their profile feeds. (Think of it as an opportunity to get to know guys in your area that like the same things as you do ahead of introducing yourself.)

If you want more of a streamlined experience, Hornet will also let you tailor your notifications and control what you get notified about. See only what you want to see.

If you haven’t been able to tell, Hornet has focused on giving you real social control of your profiles and how you interact with your followers. We’re the only gay app that lets you control what you share, how it’s shared, and whose updates you want to keep up with – all from within one app. Just like your interests change, so too does your profile. It’s all about making those meaningful connections on our dynamic interface without needing to click around on a ton of different sites and apps – and meet like – minded guys in your community.

Share what you want about yourself, stories, places and events that you’re interested in.

So go ahead and check it out. You know you want to.

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