Fitness Trainer Shaun T Just Announced He’s Going to Be a Dad in an Adorable Video

Fitness Trainer Shaun T Just Announced He’s Going to Be a Dad in an Adorable Video

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You may know Shaun Thompson (or Shaun T) as the hunky gay fitness trainer behind the Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs workouts. In October 2012, he came out as gay via Twitter and yesterday, he came out as an expectant father of twins via Instagram.

In the Instagram video, Thompson and his husband Scott Blokker sit upon a couch and hold up several placards, each of which contains two lines of an ongoing poem leading up to the big reveal. The poem goes:

Some things come easy, some things take time. / Struggles can be real, but with them you’ll find / things happen for a reason, sometimes you never know why. / But never give up and remember it’s OK to cry. / 5 years of challenges, 5 years of wait / Ups, downs in emotion, painful blows we’d take / But we learned to stay the course — hope and prayer wins. / And we’re happy to finally announce …

At this point, the video becomes a pixellated blur. When it comes back into focus, a pregnant woman stands between the two men. She wears a t-shirt with the poem’s final line: “We’re having twins!” The black silhouettes of baby feet line her lower abdomen.

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Thompson and Blokker start celebrating, pumping their fists and making excited expressions. The large-bellied woman then turns her tummy towards Blokker, who presses his face and hands against it.


Here’s the video of Shaun T and his husband announcing their twins:

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Thompson told People magazine that he and his husband had tried to have kids 11 times previously. They actually received news of their surrogate’s pregnancy on May 2, 2017, the day of Thompson’s birthday, but Blokker didn’t want to make an announcement, fearful of another let down.”

Thompson let Blokker decide when they should inform their fans.

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Thompson told People, “We wanted to keep it simple [and] fun but also talk about how struggle is real, and if you keep your focus and never give up, your dreams will come true. Our journey to have a family is the essence of that.”


Here are two sexy images of Shaun T:

Wake up! Slay the day! Don't ask for permission. Be unapologetically YOU!

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? Happy hump day! ?

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Featured image via Scott Blokker Instagram