Shia LaBeouf Battles the Nazis (Video)

Shia LaBeouf Battles the Nazis (Video)

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Actor/performance artist/cannibal Shia LaBeouf was arrested for fighting with an alleged Nazi at LaBeouf’s anti-Trump art installation in New York City on around midnight Wednesday.

As the crowd chanted, “He will not divide us,” LaBeouf shouted, “That’s bullshit, bro! It is not okay [to be a Nazi]!” and got into a scuffle with a young man. TMZ reports that LaBeouf pulled at the alleged Nazi’s scarf, scratched his face and pushed him. The actor was then arrested, which was captured on video:

LaBeouf was also recorded shoving a guy for saying, “Hitler did nothing wrong.” This appears to be a separate incident.

And before that, LaBeouf was filmed shouting down a young man chanting Neo-Nazi slogans:

Predictably, conservatives are furious at LaBeouf for attacking Nazis. But leftists are thrilled to find a new comrade:

We admit, we didn’t like the idea of Shia LaBeouf playing the son of Indiana Jones back when Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out. But now we completely endorse the casting decision.


(Header image via DoD News)

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