It’s Damn Hard to Shock John Waters, But This Did It

It’s Damn Hard to Shock John Waters, But This Did It

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There’s pretty much no one we respect more than John Waters, also known as the Pope of Trash, also known as the Prince of Puke. And with nicknames like those, you’re right in assuming he’d be pretty difficult to shock. (Let’s not forget he directed Divine in her infamous dog-poop-eating Pink Flamingos scene, k?) One recent event, however, has most assuredly sent the writer/director/all-around miscreant for a tailspin: the election.

Waters appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his annual tour of Christmas shows, which comes to 18 cities nationwide. (Side note: Go! Get tickets now! What are you waiting for?) Among the non-election topics the two talented men discussed in the six-minute segment (which we’ve posted below):

What on earth is a “John Waters Thanksgiving” like?

What’s with Waters’ collection of dangerous Christmas toys? And…

What does John Waters want for Christmas? (We won’t spoil the surprise except to say it involves “a new strain of heterosexuality.”)

Enjoy Pope of Trash John Waters in his own words, below.

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