Shocking Video Shows New Orleans Men Hunting a Trans-Woman (Video)

Shocking Video Shows New Orleans Men Hunting a Trans-Woman (Video)

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Facebook recently removed a video of men hunting down a transwoman in New Orleans. In the video, men riding around in a car track down a running transwoman while saying that they’re “gonna gun a punk down”. Later on, they shout, “Shoot that bitch!” as an armed assailant slaps a transwoman in the face.

Transgender businesswoman Felicity Noire initially reposted the video on Facebook, asking people to help identify the men and calling for their arrest. After Facebook removed the video, transgender activist and reality personality TS Madison uploaded the video to YouTube.

You can watch the video below:

Madison later created a Facebook Live video in response, advising trans people to use mace, portable firearms and knives to protect themselves. Here’s her video:

Last year there 26 transpeople were murdered (mostly transwomen of color), making 2016 “the deadliest year on record” for transgender people. So far this year, there has already been one murder: Cosmetologist Mesha Caldwell, a black transwoman who was gunned down in Madison County, Mississippi.

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