SHOTS FIRED: National Republican Party Comes Out Against Transgender Restrooms

SHOTS FIRED: National Republican Party Comes Out Against Transgender Restrooms

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“RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee calls on the Department of Education to rescind its interpretation of Title IX that wrongly includes facility use issues by transgender students.

RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee encourages State Legislatures to recognize that these Obama gender identity policies are a federal governmental overreach, a misinterpretation of Title IX policies, and an infringement upon the majority of students’ Constitutional rights; and

RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee encourages state legislatures to enact laws that protect student privacy and limit the use of restrooms, locker rooms and similar facilities to members of the sex to whom the facility is designated.”

The Republican National Committee’s resolution telling state legislators to pass transphobic “bathroom bills” that would force trans people to piss in opposite-sex bathrooms. The RNC’s solution for enforcing these bills? Make trans people undergo DNA testing, but left up to its own devices the Virginia legislature let schools decide whether they wanted to peek at children’s genitals.

This resolution simply follows the “let’s protect our children” line of attack used against gay and bisexual people for years — the same attack that was used to overturn Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance in a public vote earlier this year — even though no cities with trans-inclusive bathroom laws have ever reported an attack resulting from trans bathroom use. Early last year, trans activists on social media started the #WeJustNeedToPee campaign to highlight the absurdity of making trans men go to the women’s restroom and vice-versa.

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