Should Gay Teachers Come Out To Their Class?

Should Gay Teachers Come Out To Their Class?

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With all of the gay blog coverage that stories like Tennessee’s incredibly homophobic Don’t Say Gay Bill receives, it can be easy to forget that in many parts of the country gay teachers are out and proud in their schools. More often than not, in the places you least expect.

CNN recently sat down with a few gay teachers to discuss their experiences as gay educators. The clip below is brief, but very insightful.

Coming out of the closet at work is difficult, but when your job involves children, being openly gay can be even tougher. Steve Perry talks with Tom Greene (Chapel Hill High School), Robert McGarry (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) & Danielle Riley (Jordan High School)

It’s likely that for many students, a gay teacher could provide them with their very first interaction with a gay adult – or at least the first conscious interaction.

Do you think gay teachers have a responsibility to come out to their students? Do you agree with Tom Greene’s assertion that discussing his partner with the class isn’t about his sexuality, but rather his life? Is it OK for a gay teacher to come out to any grade, or are some children too young?

Tell us what you’re thinking. We’re digging this story!

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