Sights from the Muslim Ban Protests in Airports Across America

Sights from the Muslim Ban Protests in Airports Across America

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After Trump announced a ban on immigrants from Muslim countries (even if they had green cards), Americans immediately sprang to action. Thousands of people streamed into airports all over the country to protest the ban. They held sit ins, waved signs, chanted, and demanded that officials let detainees in.

Protesters also documented their activities on Twitter. Here are some of the sights and sounds of Americans standing up to to Trump.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City)

Washington Dulles International Airport (Virginia)

Newark International Airport (New Jersey)

San Francisco International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Georgia)

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Denver International Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Logan International Airport (Boston)

…And more

The protests aren’t over. There will be more demonstrations against the Muslim ban.

In the current political climate, it’s easy to feel despair. But look at the images above: Americans were able to do this spontaneously, with no warning and very little planning. We’re stronger than we think. We just have to keep fighting.


(Header image via Charlotte Alter’s Twitter)

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