Sink the Pink’s ‘Toys’ Party Had Some of the Wildest Costumes We’ve Ever Seen (Photos)

Sink the Pink’s ‘Toys’ Party Had Some of the Wildest Costumes We’ve Ever Seen (Photos)

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Sink the Pink is a UK nightlife sensation. It began as a small collective of UK drag queens and performance artists a few years ago, led by the gorgeous Glyn Famous and Amy Redmond, and now Sink the Pink hosts huge events that sell out in a matter of hours.

The most recent party was no different, with an awesome live performance from the Spice Girls’ Mel C alongside some of the most colourful and creative queens you’re likely to see. Forgot RuPaul’s Drag Race — these queens know how to work a look and make a party a P-A-R-T-Y.

Almost everyone who attends dresses up, with immense effort put into their costumes. Sink the Pink is a fabulous celebration of queer expression, hedonism, drag, performance and becoming whatever character you want for the night — something the world could use more of!

The ‘Sink the Pink’ collective

The most recent party’s theme was “TOYS,” and we saw everything from Barbie and Ken dolls to toy soldiers, creepy clowns, Lego go-gos, pirates and some batshit crazy looks born out of the scariest of childhood nightmares.

It’s no exaggeration to say that these guys have changed the queer cultural landscape in the UK. As VICE puts it, “Sink the Pink are the latest subculture to match the New Romantics’ fervent energy. These Pink Romantics dish out as much as Blitz’s club-kid collective, it is a serendipitous creation that has effortlessly done what others have tried and failed to recreate.”

Sink the Pink’s next event is a summer festival featuring acts like Years & Years, All Saints, Will Young, S Club Party and Charlotte Church all performing. It’s called Mighty Hoopla and it’ll be staged at London’s Victoria Park on June 4.

You’d better start planning your outfit.

Here’s a selection of Sink the Pink’s best looks:


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