Sitges Bear Week 2017: 50 Frisky, Fun-Filled, Fur-tastic Photos

Sitges Bear Week 2017: 50 Frisky, Fun-Filled, Fur-tastic Photos

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Every year, thousands of bears from around the world descend on the Spanish beach town of Sitges to celebrate Bear Week, a week full of parties, poolsides and fun at the beach! This year’s Bear Week just ended, so we’re re-living the fun with 50 fur-filled photos!


A bunch o’ bears!

Image by bearlyotter

And otters too!

Image by dnfrb

A pretty picture

Image by homojaviens

Let the fur fly

Image by dionnewarpig

Works of art

Image by plexis79

Pretty in pink

Image by timbow1982

Fun in the sun

Image by streethunks

Cocktails and chill

Image by shay_on_ista

Naught boyz

Image by hipsterartfag

Sand and a smile

Image by kilnerws

Priscilla, queen of the ocean

Image by mrflaviofromkreis4

Bears as far as the eye can see!

Image by baxman71

Oooooh, a picnic basket!

Image by raphahrizzo

Fur, fun, friends and frolicking

Image by bearlyotter

C’mon in! The water’s great!

Image by baxman71

Art on the beachside

Image by ellisjwells

Buns and sun

Image by mnews17

Three’s a crowd, bears are a party!

Image by bammer47

Lovely lounging

Image by anthonyhughesuk

A balance bear

Image by giusepperisp0li

A fuzzy friend

Image by patrickkeyte

Dudes at dusk

Image by zakk.p


Image by antonkawasaki


Image by bammer47

Bottoms up, boys

Image by tucker_murphy

Where the teddy bears have their picnic

Image by rafalvi

A cuddle in the cove

Image by sergireco

Bearded bears — yum!

Image by bammer47

Drinks, anyone?

Image by bigmozog

A sexy selfie

Image by tompachecooficial

Let your true colors shine through!

Image by richardhoffmanartist

Grizzy! Grrr!

Image by bearlyotter

A friendly bunch

Image by davidmadrid0

Let’s go for a swim

Image by donycristianson

Lions, tiger and bears … oh my!

Image by marianogabrielok

A bear’s backside

Image by motionbear

Backpackin’ bears on the beach

Image by chicagobrad01

Swimsuits soooo cute

Snacktime in the kitchen

Group fun

Jumping for joy

Big buncha bears

Poolside with pals

Image by antoniocanaan

Cocktail cuddle puddle

Image by antoniocanaan


Image by edu_torne

The sun is shining and the boys are furry

Image by baxman71

Trying not to get wet!

Image by darlinghurts2010

Living it up

Image by darlinghurts2010

Hats off, boys!

Image by bearlyotter

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