At Last, Smartphones Can Tell You Your Sperm Count

At Last, Smartphones Can Tell You Your Sperm Count

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A new smartphone app will let you take your sperm count at home, saving time and money. Fortunately, it’s not as messy as it sounds.

NPR reports that the app works by way of an attachment:

First, you load a small amount of a semen sample onto a disposable microchip. Then you put the microchip into the cell phone attachment through a slot. The attachment turns the phone’s camera into a microscope.

After the sample is loaded, you run the app, which allows the user to see a video of the sample. Then hit record, and the app analyzes the video to identify sperm cells and track their movements.

So your semen will not touch your cellphone. (At least, not because of this app.)

The app is intended to combat male infertility. Traditional sperm count tests are timely and expensive, requiring a doctor’s visit.

It could also help men who’ve had a vasectomy and want to be extra-sure it worked.

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