So-Called ‘Christian Warrior’ Arrested for Threatening to Kill Gays And Lesbians

So-Called ‘Christian Warrior’ Arrested for Threatening to Kill Gays And Lesbians

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Las Vegas man Bryan Cuellar, YouTube’s “FisherOfMen“, has been charged with making terrorist threats over a now-deleted video where he said he wanted to kill “gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists.”

In the video, Cuellar displayed two rifles while wearing a military flak vest and night vision goggles. According to the police report, he claimed he was “tired of America” and “cannot wait to use his rifle in the the manner in which the founding fathers intended”.

While Cuellar admits he made the video, he claims that he was angry and drunk, and had no plans to actually commit a terrorist act. An hour after posting the video, Cuellar attacked his wife, punching and strangling her.

Cuellar was already known to police — they’d arrested him several times over the last three years.

The video was posted July 1, but by the next day, Google took the video down and notified Interpol. Interpol sent the information to his local police department, and was arrested. On August 25th, Cuellar was indicted by a grand jury, and declared mentally competent to stand trial.

Not only that, but as it turns out Cuellar’s has a history of being active on YouTube. While his personal account only has 67 subscribers, his FisherOfMen (aka. FisherOfPeople) account has 161,513 subscribers.

As it turns out, Cuellar’s not just a gun nut, but a conspiracy theorist. He’s well known as a “Sandy Hook Truther“, meaning he believes the terrorist attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 was a hoax. He believes the 20 children shot at the Newtown, Connecticut school were all actors.

He also frequently warns viewers about the Illuminati; he believes the moon landing was a hoax, and that dinosaurs existed at the same time as people.

After the Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub, threats of anti-LGBTQ terrorism have increased.

Cuellar goes to trial on September 1.

(Featured image via Cuellar’s now-deleted Facebook profile.)

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