Sofia Vergara’s Son Is Looking Mighty Fine in These 20 Shots

Sofia Vergara’s Son Is Looking Mighty Fine in These 20 Shots

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You might know Colombian actress Sofía Vergara from her role as Gloria, the loud and gorgeous Latina housewife on ABC’s gay-inclusive comedy series Modern Family, but do you know Sofia Vergara’s son, Manolo?

Manolo, who just turned 26 years old, went to the Emmy Awards with his mom, and he’s every bit as good looking. And like any guy in his 20s, Sofia Vergara’s son enjoys the pool, travel, wine and time with his friends.

He made his first big appearance online last December in a photo shoot with Paper magazine inspired by openly gay Spanish director Pedro Almódovar. In the image (below) he dresses similarly to Antonio Banderas’ character in the 1988 comedy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown — he’s even drinking gazpacho, the movie’s trademark chilled tomato soup.

These days, Manolo is starring in Guilty Party, a DIRECTV NOW series about the victim of high school bullies who starts revealing secrets and taking revenge on the clique that cast her out. It’s kind of like 13 Reasons Why meets I Know What You Did Last Summer.

In addition to its weekly episodes, the show also releases character vlogs and small clues across social media — an interesting concept.

So while we’re likely to see a lot more of him in the future, let’s start by enjoying some sexy shots of him now. (You can also see more at his Instagram.)

Sofia Vergara’s son with his mom on the Emmys red carpet

Hanging at the beach in leopard print trunks

Dancing with a cocktail and an amiga

Letting us admire his perky chest

Manolo with his beautiful brown hair swaying among the fronds

Cooling off in cooler trunks

A sweet view of his bronzed body and love of candy floss

A mouth-watering moment with watermelon

Fun with inflatable foods

A cowboy looking for a roll in the hay

A pampered playboy preened atop a pool table

A T-shirt that’s thirsty for action

Red, white and blue lookin’ at you

Loungin’ about

Toucan? Who can? You can!

Splashed from above

Getting us hungry for melons

Even the Easter Bunny wants in his basket!