When a Mom Sent Her Gay Son’s Thirst Trap Pics to a Carpenter, She Got a Jaw-Dropping Response

When a Mom Sent Her Gay Son’s Thirst Trap Pics to a Carpenter, She Got a Jaw-Dropping Response

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The very sexy and very furry Sohail Justin Akhavei lives in Minneapolis. The 30-year-old’s Instagram is chock full of thirst quenching pics that don’t leave too much to the imagination (thankfully for us).


But aside from his sexy grams, Sohail has been the subject of a recent viral story that involved his mother, a unicorn and a very horny carpenter.

Sohail’s mother came across a unicorn mirror at a yard sale and decided to pick the item up for her fab son. But when his sister found out that he got a mirror and she didn’t, Sohail’s parents decided to commission a carpenter to replicate the fierce item for her. His mom needed pics, so she reached out to her thirst trap child.  When she didn’t hear back from him quickly enough, she went scouring on his social media to find some for herself.

This is what she found:

“I was forced to use the only photos of the mirror I could find which were your gd smut photos,” she wrote in a text message to Sohail.

But even better was the carpenter’s epic response. “He asked if part of his payment can be the man in the photos,” his Mom revealed. “The gays are everywhere!”

Here’s their exchange that he shared on Twitter:

His mother isn’t the only one with a sense of humor in his family. Take a look at this message from his father:

Sohail Justin Akhavei shared with BuzzFeed News:

I’ve never taken their acceptance, warmth, love, and sass for granted, because I am well aware of many members of our greater queer community may struggle to navigate their personal expression of queerness on a platform their parents may have access to, let alone possibly not having direct access to those four things listed above.

Being a person of color who was born into a set of ideologies that were in direct conflict with my personhood, it would be foolish to not allow my parents to ‘struggle’ with allowing their son to be who he is — because, they’re human, and allowing a human to process is part of the journey of meaning-making.

While it may have seemed counter at times, my parents have allowed me to process my queerness with me, and not at me. They’ve held my heart. They’ve made me contemplate representation.

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