Some Straight Douchebag From Oculus Rift Is Behaving Badly At The Game Developer’s Conference

Some Straight Douchebag From Oculus Rift Is Behaving Badly At The Game Developer’s Conference

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(NOTE: An earlier version of this story used an image of Will Smith, not the actor, but the founder of Mr. Smith is NOT the douchebag in question, nor is the man in the picture above. In fact, Smith seems like a very nice guy who kindly asked us to take down his picture after a polite scolding. We apologize to him and encourage you to check out his site).

Matt Conn, the founder of the LGBTQIA gaming conference GX (formerly GaymerX), recently tweeted about his run-in during the Game Developers’ Conference with a straight douchebag representing the virtual reality hardware developer Oculus (not the guy pictured above).

(Full-disclosure: Unicorn Booty was a media sponsor of GX3)

According to Conn, this unknown representative swooped into the 10th Annual Gay Gaming Professionals Celebration five minutes before it ended, threw his company’s name around to get free drinks, called gay spaces unnecessary, compared trans issues to kink and then denied his own prejudice by pointing out that he attends the Burning Man festival. That last one is especially hilarious as tons of douchebags attend Burning Man — his claim is no better than saying you’re a nice person because you’re Christian.

Conn tweeted all about his run-in with the representative and has since talked with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. We’re currently interviewing Conn and have reached out to Luckey for a statement. We’ll update this story as more details come in.

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