Azealia Banks Performed Her Latest Track ‘Anna Wintour’ for the First Time, and the Audience Approved

Azealia Banks Performed Her Latest Track ‘Anna Wintour’ for the First Time, and the Audience Approved

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Azealia Banks returned with her new song “Anna Wintour” last night at Frankie Sharp’s new weekly party Magic Sunday, and the final result was epic. The packed audience crammed the rooftop bar at the Moxy Hotel near Times Square.

Banks took to the stage at around 2:15 a.m. and performed five tracks before she did an encore. Of course she did “212” — the 2011 single that put her on the map. But she also debuted her latest bop, a deep house track slated to become the song of the summer. Produced by Junior Sanchez, the song is called “Anna Wintour” and is “the first formal offering” from her long-teased album.

In a statement on Instagram, Banks said, “I wrote this song about finding myself and finding God.” She continued, “This song was written to embody the feeling felt when you connect with the universe.”

Azealia Banks

“I’ve been around her for years. True, she has a big mouth … but good intent,” Sharp told us when we interviewed him last week about his new event, which takes place every Sunday evening at the Moxy Hotel in New York City. “There is too much misguided aggression in general in the world right now, as it’s a frustrating time. All in all, if you are a normal human person with a working brain, insight and intuition that protects you from harm, you can see and feel what’s actually going to hurt you. Azealia Banks isn’t hurting anyone.”

Check out these pics from last night’s Magic Sunday, featuring Azealia Banks singing her new song “Anna Wintour”:

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