When is a Soup Not a Soup? When It’s a Phởrrito!

When is a Soup Not a Soup? When It’s a Phởrrito!

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Globalization gets a bad rap sometimes — and with good reason. But globalization also opens up all sorts of new food options — and the latest and greatest comes from Komodo in Los Angeles. For three years running, the Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant has been offering the Phởrrito — a burrito that tastes like phở.

If you’re not sure what phở — pronounced “fuh” — is, you’re missing out. It’s a Vietnamese noodle soup with a strong, hearty broth, plus meat, veggies and rice noodles. If you do know what phở is… you’re probably wondering how you make a burrito out of soup.

There’s no liquid in the burrito — nor a dipping sauce provided. Instead, the meat is infused with broth, so when you bite into it, the phở flavor explodes in your mouth.

Of course, the Internet loves delicious new food combinations — and the Phởrrito is much healthier for you than the Luther Burger. (We imagine it tastes way better than a greasy hamburger with Krispy Kremes for buns, too.) #Phorrito is trending, and with photos like these, it’s easy to understand why.


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