South African Restaurant Bans Gay Couples from Date Night (Video)

South African Restaurant Bans Gay Couples from Date Night (Video)

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The Lake Restaurant in Brakpan, South Africa defended its policy of banning same-sex couples from date nights.

The restaurant’s owner Sami-Jo Amiras told News24: “Date night is a themed event designed for a man and a woman. The reason for stating ‘no same-sex couple’ is not meant to discriminate against anyone, but to control a couple’s event.”

Banning same-sex couples isn’t discriminatory? Makes perfect sense (well no not really).

The Lake Restaurant was caught on video forbidding a pair of Eyewitness News reporters posing as a gay couple from attending Date Night, even though the two had already booked and paid for a spot.

The Restaurant Association of South Africa and the South African Human Rights Commission have both criticized Lake Restaurant’s actions and have pledged to investigate the matter, according to EWN.

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