South Korea Pride: 27 Sexy and Surprising Pics from the Rain-Soaked Event

South Korea Pride: 27 Sexy and Surprising Pics from the Rain-Soaked Event

Written by Daniel Villarreal on November 12, 2019
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Despite occasional rain, approximately 85,000 people attended the Korea Queer Culture Festival in Seoul, the capitol of South Korea, making it the country’s largest ever LGBTQ Pride event since its start in 2000.

The Korea Herald reports, “101 human rights organizations, global companies, embassies from 13 countries including the U.S. and the U.K. and university groups set up booths to raise awareness and understanding of gay rights, as well as to sell goods.”

The event included live performances throughout the day, various afterparties at local bars and a 2.5 mile march with music, vehicles and brightly colored floats.

Across the street from the event’s main plaza, a few thousand conservative Christian counter-protestors reportedly threw a festival of their own in opposition to the Pride event. They read prayers and sung hymns while being protected by a crowd of police in reflective yellow raincoats.

While homosexuality is not illegal in Korea, the country has no legalized same-sex unions of any sort, does not allow adoption by same-sex couples, forbids openly LGBTQ people from serving in the military and offers no legal protections via hate crime or anti-discrimination laws. To its credit, it does allow LGBTQ people to donate blood and allows trans people to change their gender on their official identifying documents, but they require trans people to undergo surgery first.

Some Pride attendees also criticized an alleged anti-gay witch hunt by the country’s military. A 2015 public opinion survey found fewer than 30% of South Koreans support gay marriage, but that sentiment could change as the neighboring island nation of Taiwan begins its implementation of same-sex marriage.

Trans marchers and allies strutted their stuff…

Seoul Pride 2017 06

… and posed for some fun shots in the rain.

Seoul Pride 2017 07

People literally wore their rainbows pride on their heads

Seoul Pride 2017 08

Detox from RuPaul’s Drag Race even showed up!

Seoul Pride 2017 10

She even posed for some pictures with fans.

Seoul Pride 2017 09

Jesus came back to share an important message with anti-gay Christians.

Seoul Pride 2017 11

Even Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch popped up for a quick facial.

Seoul Pride 2017 12

One pro-LGBTQ attendee made this devastatingly beautiful sign.

Seoul Pride 2017 13

And this bearded queen served some killer beauty.

Seoul Pride 2017 14

The rain didn’t rain on these two friends’ parade.

Seoul Pride 2017 15

One glitter-covered lady wore a wig that we want to steal very badly.

Seoul Pride 2017 16

And friends made some lovely duckfaces for the camera!

Seoul Pride 2017 17

Others made beautiful floral crowns for the occasion.

Seoul Pride 2017 18

While some just showed their support by attending and having fun.

Seoul Pride 2017 19

Seoul Pride 2017 20

Seoul Pride 2017 21

Seoul Pride 2017 22

Seoul Pride 2017 23

Seoul Pride 2017 24

Seoul Pride 2017 25

Seoul Pride 2017 26

Seoul Pride 2017 27

Seoul Pride 2017 28

Seoul Pride 2017 29

Seoul Pride 2017 30

Seoul Pride 2017 31

Seoul Pride 2017 32

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