South Korean Study Finds Finger Length Related To Penis Size

South Korean Study Finds Finger Length Related To Penis Size

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Break out your celebratory Pejazzle! A study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology links penis length to the ratio between a man’s index and ring finger lengths.

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“According to our data … the shorter index (second) finger than ring (fourth) finger you have, the longer stretched penile length you have,” wrote Tae Beom Kim at the urology department of Gachon University Gil Hospital in Incheon, South Korea, in reply to questions from Reuters.

Previous studies have shown strong evidence that prenatal testosterone may determine finger development as well as penile length, a relationship that Kim and his colleagues launched a study to focus on.

The study involved 144 men suffering from urological problems that did not affect the length of their penis, which was measured under anesthesia.

The measurements were later compared to the difference in length between their second and fourth fingers on the right hand. Previous studies have shown that the right hand may be more sensitive to the influence of testosterone.

The so-called “digit ratio” in this study refers to the length of the index finger divided by the length of the ring finger. The lower the ratio, the study suggests, the longer the penis may be.

Another trait seemingly determinable by the finger/penis ratio is the risk of prostate cancer. Men with longer index fingers are about 33 percent less likely to develop the disease than men with the longer penis-inducing opposite finger length pattern.

For what it’s worth, lady index and rings fingers are usually pretty even in size.

I wonder what all this says about this guy? Or how about this one?

(via Reuters)

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