This Handsome Teacher’s Bulge-Baring Spider-Man Costume Is Unsurprisingly Going Viral

This Handsome Teacher’s Bulge-Baring Spider-Man Costume Is Unsurprisingly Going Viral

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A handsome gay teacher wore a Spider-Man costume to school on Halloween. After sharing a pic of the look on his social media, the internet went crazy, especially since the costume didn’t leave much to the imagination. Those worried about the kids need not worry, though, as he wore a pair of sweatpants over the spandex body suit.

Tell Williams is a 26-year-old teacher in Indiana. He loves dressing up for Halloween, and does it every year. In previous years, he’s appeared as Peter Pan and Robin. This year his students voted that he go as our favorite web-slinger, Spider-Man.

Williams told Gay Star News, “My students get to vote on the costume, and then I wear it to our Halloween party in class. They picked Spider-Man this year.”

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Williams took to social media to post a pic of his look he snapped in the school bathroom. At press time his tweet had 1,630 retweets and almost 11,000 likes.

“It’s been silly,” Williams says. “I didn’t think people would go so crazy over a superhero costume!”

Since the costume didn’t leave much to the imagination in terms of his junk, Williams says he decided to cover it up for the classroom. “I definitely wore it with sweats over the top.”

Williams is out at school and says he is open about being gay in every aspect of his life. In the classroom, he even has a photo of his husband pinned on the wall.

who wore it better?

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“They’re young [his students] so they don’t really understand different marriage dynamics,” he explains. “I just say, ‘In my family, there are two dads.’ It’s about normalizing it. I want my students to know all families are built differently. It helps build tolerance and understanding.”

Gay Twitter had some epic responses to the Spider-Man costume. Here are some of our favorites: