Watch the ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Guy’s New Sprint Commercial with His Real Husband

Watch the ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Guy’s New Sprint Commercial with His Real Husband

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If you haven’t watched much TV lately, you probably remember Paul Marcarelli as the “Can you hear me now?” guy from a plethora of rather obnoxious Verizon TV spots. In the early 2000s, you practically couldn’t get away from him. These days he’s jumped ship from Verizon and has taken up with one of the company’s competitors, Sprint. It’s like Game of Thrones but not nearly as exciting.

It must have slipped our radar when it happened in 2011, but Marcarelli came out of the closet around the same time he wrote and produced The Green, a queer film starring Jason Butler Harner, Cheyenne Jackson, Illeana Douglas and Julia Ormond. (In it, a gay New York couple move to Connecticut, only to have one of them accused of ‘inappropriate conduct’ by his high school students.)

Today sees Sprint release a new commercial starring Marcarelli, also featuring his real-life husband (and real-life hottie), Ryan Brown. The couple is on the hunt for a Christmas tree, but leave it to Paul to use the opportunity to convince us why Sprint is better than Verizon. (Though, for the record, we’re not so sure it is.)

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