‘Star Trek Discovery’ Will Be Gayer Than Ever, Featuring a Same-Sex Plot With ‘RENT’ Alums

‘Star Trek Discovery’ Will Be Gayer Than Ever, Featuring a Same-Sex Plot With ‘RENT’ Alums

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Earlier this year we were all thrilled to find out that Anthony Rapp, best known for his role as Mark in the musical RENT, would be playing a gay character, Lt. Paul Stamets in the new Star Trek Beyond series. And while we have been pleasantly graced with a queer Sulu in the Star Trek film franchise, as well as a gay Star Trek porn flick, Rapp will be the first space gay to make it to the small screen.

This week at Comic Con, Rapp let slip that Wilson Cruz, from the super queer 90s cult classic My So-Called Life, will play his on screen lover. Cruz also joined the cast of RENT in 1998 in the role Angel while Rapp was still performing in the show. The two actors have been friends for over 20 years.

Rapp has also ensured fans that the queer storyline will definitely live up to the hype. As for the Rapp/Cruz pairing, we totally ship it (pun intended). Oh, and did we mention both actors are gay and vocal in their support for LGBTQ issues? Because they are, very much so.

Watch Anthony Rapp announce the Star Trek Discovery gay romance storyline and Wilson Cruz’s role.

And Trekkies around the world rejoiced to this news on Twitter.

Even the original Sulu, out actor and LGBTQ activist George Takei chimed in.

But with TV’s not-so-great record of killing off its gays, we hope this couple will…


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