These 15 Men’s Underwear Campaigns Are So Racy They’ll Leave You Drooling

These 15 Men’s Underwear Campaigns Are So Racy They’ll Leave You Drooling

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Who doesn’t love underwear? They’re intimate, they’re sexy and they’re (usually) the last thing you see on a guy before a long night of fun. If you shop the right brands, they’ll even make your bulge more pronounced. (Some of you know what we’re talking about.)

But if these reasons aren’t enough to make you go underwear crazy, the past few years have seen a boom in men’s underwear marketing. (That means a helluva lot of buff dudes getting filmed in their undies.) Here we’ve compiled some of the lewdest and lustiest men’s underwear video campaigns for o̶u̶r̶ your viewing pleasure.

Below are our 15 favorite men’s underwear video campaigns in full:

1. C-IN2 The Dark Side of SUPER BRIGHT

C-IN2’s latest campaign might just be its sexiest yet. Released only a few days ago, these bright briefs are sure to be a standout, as are the beefed-up men wearing them.


2. Modus Vivendi ΔΕΛΕΑΡ Campaign

Praise the Lord for this Greece-based underwear brand — and the videos they create.


3. Gregg Homme Business Strip Part 1 & Part 2

Gregg Homme is by far the most fetish-inspired brand on this list. And their videos reflect that naughtiness superbly.


4. Carter Dane for Garçon Model

1 part Cocky Boys model + 1 part sexy (and skimpy) underwear = success


5. Calvin Klein Concept

This is the video that made men around the world howl in envy when it debuted during Super Bowl XLVII.


6. Björn Borg Iconic Collection

This Swedish brand is known for its fun and funky prints, as well as their wild videos of buff men running about.


7. ES Collection Hard To Resist

A spoken-word, sensual rubdown in undies is just what the doctor ordered.


8. Alex Minsky for Jack Adams

Athleticwear made sexy — very, very, very sexy.


9. Nasty Pig Power Struggle

Beefy. Hairy. Burly. Husky. Nasty Pig knows its clientele well.


10. 2(X)IST FW14 Campaign with André Ziehe

André Ziehe has been the face of 2(X)IST for over five years now, and for good reason.


11. Marcuse ULTRA Campaign

Twins, in matching skivvies, hugging and rolling around. What more could you ask for?


12. Diesel Hero Fit

“Diesel, cause it fits.” *grabs hefty bulge and shakes it violently*


13. CellBlock13 Dugout Collection

But let’s get down to the real question at hand: Is he a pitcher or a catcher?


14. PUMP! Let’s Go

Most men stepping into PUMP!’s athletic-looking underwear are probably not hitting the gym but instead getting their fill of exercise in the bedroom.


15. Andrew Christian BLACK Collection

You could spend hours on Andrew Christian’s video page, which is full of softcore porn hidden behind the guise of underwear ads. So, get to it!


Featured image by C-IN2

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