Stephen Colbert’s Musical Number, Comedy Makes The RNC Almost Bearable (Almost)

Stephen Colbert’s Musical Number, Comedy Makes The RNC Almost Bearable (Almost)

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The world’s largest KKK rally Republican National Convention is currently underway, and even though gay statistics wizard Nate Silver says that Trump only has a 36 to 38 percent chance of becoming President, the fact that the racist homophobe’s chances are that high depresses the heck out of us — BUT HAVE NO FEAR! STEPHEN COLBERT IS HERE TO RAISE YOUR SPIRITS!!!

That’s right! The Daily Show correspondent turned satirical conservative pundit turned late night talk show host is covering the convention and opened his coverage with a skit about former Daily Show host Jon Stewart drinking urine out in the woods. He then came onstage being carried by shirtless, muscular versions of Uncle Sam before brilliantly skewering the RNC’s day one hijinks (including the Colorado delegates walking out at 4:20 p.m. and Trump’s lumbering appearance to Queen’s “We Are The Champions”). But best of all, Colbert delivered a first-rate musical number filled with sequins, backhanded comments, a mention of queers and a binge-drinking Abraham Lincoln (video above) — you have to see it to believe it.

While the onslaught of rabid xenophobia and hatred from Cleveland may get us down over the next few days, at least we have Colbert’s comedy to keep us warm and hopeful that the GOP Joker won’t ever inhabit the Oval Office.

Oh, and did we mention he also has a bingo card for the convention?

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