Debra Messing Narrates This Jaw-Droppingly Crazy Profile of Trump Aide Stephen Miller

Debra Messing Narrates This Jaw-Droppingly Crazy Profile of Trump Aide Stephen Miller

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If you’re like us, you probably know Stephen Miller as a crazy-eyed senior advisor of Donald Trump. But you don’t know the half of it! In the video below, an episode of NowThis Politics’ “Who Is?” seriesWill & Grace actress Debra Messing takes us through Miller’s history of right-wing craziness and assholism.

Believe it or not, Miller — now 31 — grew up in California with two liberal parents. But as Messing says, it didn’t take long for him to “reject it all.”

The video goes all the way back to Miller’s middle school days, when there was an incident involving a pizza you’ll have to hear to believe. (What a schmuck!) At 14, the video claims Miller broke off his friendship with a fellow Star Trek fanatic because he was Latino.

In high school, Miller supposedly contributed columns to the school paper in which he attacked Hispanic students for not speaking English. In one clip, Miller rants and raves that he’s “sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when there are plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us.”

His hardline right-wing column at Duke University, where he went to school, was also known for stirring up controversy. That was also when he started making TV appearances, specifically on Fox News, where he argued against what he perceived as “class warfare.”

The political journey of Stephen Miller took him from Michele Bachmann to Jeff Sessions to Donald Trump. As Messing says in the video, Miller regularly appeared as a “warmup act” for Trump on the campaign trail.

As part of Trump’s administration, Stephen Miller penned Trump’s Republican National Convention speech — the longest in over 40 years — and painted a picture of a United States spiraling out of control. He’s the mastermind of Trump’s Muslim ban, the president’s very first executive action, and reportedly has become buddies with Jared Kushner, choosing to distance himself from Steve Bannon.


If you can stomach it, watch the below video answering the question, Who is Stephen Miller?

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