Steve Grand in a Jockstrap Is the Hottest Part of His Latest Music Video

Steve Grand in a Jockstrap Is the Hottest Part of His Latest Music Video

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Today openly gay musician and activist Steve Grand dropped the video for his new song, “Walking.” Around the 30-second mark, it features a three-second shot of him walking away from a bed in nothing but a jockstrap, and it’s admittedly kind of hot, despite the rest of the video being sadly generic.

Seriously, it has everything you’ve come to expect from gay music videos: bland pop lyrics, muscle queens, white guys galore, sassy backup dancers, outrageous black women in hoop earrings, gratuitous product placement, an eventual dance beat and nonstop footage of Grand adorably mugging for the camera.

For all of Grand’s talent and social activism, the video literally has literally nothing to offer other than a three-second shot of him in a jockstrap and the chance for him to earn ad revenue for advertising Mr. S Leather and Pure (the supplement we recommended for “pass around party bottoms”).

Before we praise him for his social activism, here are those aforementioned Steve Grand jockstrap shots:

Just because Grand’s latest musical venture is bland and basic doesn’t mean that he’s completely without merit. He has amassed a lot of fans and notoriety, which isn’t easy as a independent gay musician. In addition to his musical career, he once visited Europe in June 2015 as an Arts Envoy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs with the U.S. State Department, which is pretty cool.

During his European travels, Grand advocated for LGBTQ rights in Vienna, Austria, and performed at Europride in Latvia. He has also worked with various LGBTQ organizations like the Gay and Lesbian Student Education Network (GLSEN), Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and the Human Rights Campaign — and all that is to be commended

But his latest music video … not so much.

Watch the “Walking” video, featuring that Steve Grand jockstrap scene, below:

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