Sexy Steve Grand Talks Candidly About Sobriety and Loss (Photos)

Sexy Steve Grand Talks Candidly About Sobriety and Loss (Photos)

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Steve Grand graces the cover of OutClique Magazine’s January issue, with a personal interview about his sobriety and the loss of a very special family member.

For the cover, he took photographer Kevin McPherson for a very hot dip at Fort Lauderdale’s The Grand Resort and Spa.

Welcome @stevegrandmusic to @outclique

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Grand opened up about his decision to become sober in 2015. “My decision to stay sober is something I feel very good about. Importantly — because I am around alcohol so much through my profession — people are always saying to me, “Well, isnt that so hard? How are you around it all the time?” Well, I feel like not drinking is an active choice. I don’t look at is as abstaining from something. I look at it like I am taking part in something else.”

“A different activity, something that involves not drinking. This makes me feel like I am doing something that is healthy for me. An end result which is very good for my mind, my body, and my spirit.”

In the interview, Grand also opens up about losing a family member last year – his Aunt Diane. “We lost my aunt and godmother, almost unexpectedly. She was really the leader of our family. She was a very outspoken and strong woman — intelligent, creative and full of life. But she died rather unexpectedly.”

Despite dealing with pain himself, Grand realized he needed to step up and be supportive to his loved ones also dealing with the tremendous loss. “But what I realized was that with all of what I am dealing with, I still have all of these people around me that I love that need me to be strong, too. It has put me into a position where regardless of where I am and what I am struggling with, I need to step it up and be there for my family.”

Read the entire interview with Grand here.

Here are some more very sexy snaps of Steve Grand from the cover shoot:

Check out @stevegrandmusic on the cover of our January 2017 issue

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