We’re Head Over Heels for the Guy Who Left Gift-Wrapped Manure on Steve Mnuchin’s Doorstep

We’re Head Over Heels for the Guy Who Left Gift-Wrapped Manure on Steve Mnuchin’s Doorstep

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Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin received a gift worthy of a member of the Trump administration. Signed “From the American people,” a package that turned out to be gift-wrapped horse manure was left in the driveway of his Bel Air, California, home. We now know who the (hilarious) culprit is, and we’re officially in love.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that a neighbor found the package, later alerting authorities because the package seemed suspicious. When authorities opened it up, there was nary a bomb — just the perfect gift for a man whose family (really him and his wife, Louise Linton) has been under fire for tone-deaf Instagram posts.

The culprit of the Steve Mnuchin horse shit prank, it turns out, is a Kentucky-born, L.A.-based psychologist named Robby Strong.

“The thing I live by is a rule of transparency, and I was exercising my First Amendment rights,” Strong said to AL.com. “A few years ago when [Supreme Court ruling Citizens United] said that corporations are persons and money equals free speech, that is so absurd and my rule of thumb is now that if corporations are free speech, then so is horse shit.”

Strong has also called the prank an “act of political theater.”

The full letter, presented with the box of manure, read:

Mrs. (sic) Mnuchin & Trump, We’re returning the ‘gift’ of the Christmas tax bill. It’s bullshit. Warmest wishes, The American People. P.S. – Kiss Donald for me.

Following the prank, the U.S. Secret Service showed up at Strong’s home, though they didn’t arrest him.

“I just got interviewed by the Secret Service and I’ve now joined some of my heroes like Timothy Leary and Martin Luther King,” he said. “[The agents] just showed up in my yard.”

Strong’s goal is reportedly to inspire the American public to commit more acts of political advocacy.

“The fact that [Republicans] can be so brazen and act with such impunity tells me that we have to be more brazen with our activism and maybe a bit more aggressive,” he says.


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