Stockton Police Officer Suspended After Anti-Gay Letter

Stockton Police Officer Suspended After Anti-Gay Letter

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When Toby Will — a Stockton, California police lieutenant — wrote a letter to his local paper arguing against same-sex marriage, he didn’t know he’d get suspended for it.

In a July 7th letter to the editor of The Stockton Record titled ‘Marriage Ruling Shuns God’, Will called same-sex marriage “blatant debauchery.” He signed the letter with his full name and police department ranking. On July 13, Will was officially placed on paid administrative leave after the department caught wind of the letter.

The Stockton Record later printed an article in which Joe Silva, police spokesman, said that Will “does not speak for the Police Department, and regarding his use of his police position, it is under administrative review.”

Stockton Police DepartmentThe day after Will was suspended, editor Mike Klocke wrote a response to questions he had received about why the paper chose to include Will’s position; Klocke wrote that Will was adamant that he wanted his official title to be printed with the published letter. The Stockton Record received several letters in response to the controversy; some supportive of Will and his beliefs and others against.

Will has a right to voice his opinion but it’s good to know that the Stockton police department is not supportive of his ignorance.

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