Stonewall Inn Apologizes and Fires Bouncer After On-Camera Altercation With Queer Patrons

Stonewall Inn Apologizes and Fires Bouncer After On-Camera Altercation With Queer Patrons

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New York City’s Stonewall Inn came under fire after a bouncer at the bar wouldn’t allow a tourist inside on Sunday, claiming their ID was fake and misgendering them in the process. After video was shared on social media of the Stonewall Inn altercation, the bar has apologized.

Mikko Blaze Bordeaux shared video with the caption, “My friend had a valid government issued ID and was denied entry. We were both misgendered, pushed and laughed at when we asked him to stop calling us ma’am. I’m so beyond sad that trans people, one of color, was treated this way at the historic Stonewall Inn.”

In the video you can see the person who was denied entrance arguing with the bouncer. At one point he laughs at them. After asking repeatedly to talk to someone else who works at the bar, the bouncer ignores them.

Bordeaux, who works at a gay bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, gave Hornet more insight into what happened on Sunday night.

“So I had already been at the Stonewall to catch the Assassins’ show,” Bordeaux says. “I was hungry, so I got pizza and met up with my friend. We went back to the Stonewall Inn, and my friend gave him [the bouncer] their British Columbia ID.” 

“The bouncer would not let them in,” he continues. “I’m also a bouncer in my local town, and we told the bouncer that it was a valid Canadian ID. Then he called us both ma’am. We corrected him, and then he just kept calling us ma’am.”

Eventually, Bordeaux claims, this Stonewall Inn altercation got physical.

“I started losing my shit this when he pushed me,” he says. “I told him to get his hands off of me. By that point I was so appalled I started shaking, and I just pulled my phone out. Ironically a drag queen I had seen earlier had said something funny: ‘Make sure you get it on camera or it never actually happened.’ So I took my phone out.”

After calling the bar, Bordeaux says a bartender finally came out and verified the ID was real, “and told the bouncer that he had to let us in and respect our pronouns.”

“That’s when the bouncer threatened to quit if they let us in, then called me ma’am again, called me and my friend crazy and denied pushing us,” Bordeaux says. “I lost it and started to cry and yelled at the top of my lungs that he didn’t know where he worked and how fucked up it was what he was doing.”

The pair say they left the bar, later posting about the Stonewall Inn altercation on Facebook, along with the video.

The bar has since apologized, saying, “We are deeply sorry and apologize for your negative experience at the Stonewall Inn. We understand the seriousness of this issue. Our staff is trained in diversity and inclusion, and misgendering is unacceptable. The security person clearly mishandled the situation and has been properly dealt with and terminated. This security person’s actions are not what the Stonewall Inn promotes or tolerates.”

“I think their apology is a start, but apologies come in steps,” Bordeaux tells Hornet. “I don’t live in New York City, so I can’t really hold them accountable. So I’m gonna leave the video up so people don’t forget. I also want it to be a lesson for any gay bar, that they need to treat trans people with respect. And that this fight is far form over.”

What do you think of Sunday’s Stonewall Inn altercation? Have you experienced or witnessed something similar at other bars? Sound off in the comments.

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