There’s Going to Be a Huge LGBT Solidarity Rally at Stonewall This Weekend

There’s Going to Be a Huge LGBT Solidarity Rally at Stonewall This Weekend

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At the place where the gay rights movement began many years ago, thousands will gather in protest against Donald Trump, his administration and the un-American policies that have already been put into place.

Out city councilman Corey Johnson is organizing a huge LGBT solidarity rally at The Stonewall Inn at 2:00 pm on Saturday and we are going to be there!

“Join us in front of the Stonewall Inn as we stand in solidarity with every immigrant, asylum seeker, refugee and every person impacted by Donald Trump’s illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and un-American executive orders,” reads the Facebook invitation. Already there are 7,000 attendees committed on Facebook, with another 21,000 saying they are interested in the event.

Many local organizations are sponsoring the event. Some of these are Lambda Legal, NYC Pride, National LGBTQ Task Force, Gays Against Guns, Coming Out Muslim and gay social networking app Hornet.

“The Rally speaks to the power of the American people, and our ability to mobilize in the face of injustice,” NYC Pride Managing Director Chris Frederick told us. “NYC Pride stands in resistance with every person impacted by President Trump’s executive orders. It is our hope that Saturday’s rally, coupled with the assemblies of national and international protests in the last 13 days, will send a clear message that when any marginalized community faces direct attack from their government, the world unites in solidarity.”

Politicians from every level of government are slated to make appearances or say some words during the rally. Headlining this list is Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Cuomo also spoke at the candlelight vigil at The Stonewall Inn after the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub in June.

On Sunday, Governor Cuomo made a promise during a press conference at his office in Midtown Manhattan after Donald Trump’s executive order restricting the entry of people from seven majority-Muslim nations.”As a New Yorker I am a Muslim,” he said. “As a New Yorker, I am Jewish. As a New Yorker, I am black, gay, disabled, a woman seeking to control her health and choices. Because as a New Yorker, we are one community – the New York community comprised of all of the above.”

We can’t wait to rally with Cuomo and the rest of LGBTQ New York at The Stonewall Inn. In June, activists are organizing a march in Washington D.C. similar to the Women’s March.

We hope to be there too to stand strong with our queer brothers and sisters in resistance.

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