Straight Man Gay-Bashed On College Campus

Straight Man Gay-Bashed On College Campus

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gay-bashing, attack, gay news, gay blogA George Washington University senior was arrested Monday and is being charged with a hate crime for an assault on another student. The attack took place in the campus’ Ivory Tower, and left the victim unconscious with bleeding in his brain.

GW Hatchet reports:

University Police Department officer Matthew Knight found the victim sitting on the ground with two witnesses when he arrived on scene shortly before midnight, according to the documents.

One witness saw Richardson kick the victim in the stomach several times while the victim was on the ground, according to the documents. Another witness saw Richardson push the victim against a wall while punching him and calling him “fag” and “motherfucker” multiple times.

The victim fell to the ground and Richardson punched him and walked away, but returned and kicked him again, according to the documents.

The victim had never even met his attacker before, and get this – while he was targeted for appearing gay, he is in fact a straight man. Gay-bashings, it would seem, are no longer reserved for only the gays.

Via GW Hatchet

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