Comedian Michael Henry Offers Up This Hilarious PSA for Gay Bar-Loving Heteros (Video)

Comedian Michael Henry Offers Up This Hilarious PSA for Gay Bar-Loving Heteros (Video)

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Lately there’s been quite a lot of back-and-forth about who should be allowed in gay bars and other queer safe spaces. HuffPo recently asked the question, “Cisgender Straight People In LGBT Safe Spaces – When Is Too Far?” Going all the way back to 2012, Vice put out an “Etiquette Guide for Straight People in Gay Bars” that lays down the law with statements like “Your vagina has no power here.”

The topic recently returned to conversation when OUT published an article last month that got people talking. Titled “Dear Gay Men, Stop Telling Women They Can’t Be in Gay Bars” — and (ironically?) illustrated with a film still from the movie Rough Night, in which a bachelorette party terrorizes a local gay watering hole — the op/ed argued that gay men’s complaints about women in their queer spaces stem from misogyny. Defiantly, the author claimed, “Women can go anywhere we want to!”

That op/ed has since led to quite a few others, including this one titled “Straight Folks, There Are Some Spaces You Don’t Belong In.” It’s a piece that attempts to defend LGBTs’ defensive nature concerning our safe spaces, ultimately attempting to center the debate around the notion of respect.

It’s a topic that continues to get people pretty heated.

Is this every gay man’s worst nightmare?

As always, though, we can count on L.A.-based comedian Michael Henry to make light of a serious situation in the most genius way possible. He’s the guy behind some of the funniest web videos of 2017. Remember when he asked whether gay men can still say “faggot”? Or when he had queer people say shit Donald Trump says?

In his latest video, titled “Gay Men Love Me” he addresses head-on the notion of queer safe spaces. Who should be allowed inside a gay bar? Is there an “appropriate way” for heteros to appreciate queer spaces? When is it problematic to look up and see a gaggle of straight women? Does this mean you can’t bring your straight bestie to Big Fat Anus at the local dive bar?

Michael Henry answers all your questions about straight people and gay bars in his latest video, featuring a special guest appearance by the one and only Meatball!

Watch this PSA for gay bar-loving heteros below:

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