Straight Rapper Lil’ B’s ‘I’m Gay’ Record

Straight Rapper Lil’ B’s ‘I’m Gay’ Record

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Those of you who don’t realize that hip hop has a huge homophobia problem these days either aren’t listening to hip hop or don’t have ears. ‘No homo’ has become a rallying cry akin to whatever the heck Mel Gibson yelled out when he led the troops covered in all that blue stuff in Braveheart. OK, so I could have done my metaphor homework a bit better here. SARS, y’all.

In any case, rapper Lil’ B made bloggy, bloggy headlines this weekend when he announced to throngs of festival-goers at Coachella that his next album will be named “I’m Gay”.

“I’m gonna do the most controversial thing in hip-hop. Ya’ll heard it first. And I’mma just show you that words don’t mean shit. I’mma make an album called ‘I’m Gay’ right. Now I’mma tell you why I’m the first person to do it in hip-hop and why you’re the first people to know my reasons.

I’m just gonna tell you. So many people be worried about what people mean and definitions of words and shit…Now I like women, I love women, you feel me. But within yourselves, no matter what you do, it doesn’t matter, it’s like live life. You’ve only got one life to live. Be happy.”

But don’t get up out of your chair and cheer him on just yet. Lil’ B, real name Brandon McCartney, identifies as straight, but routinely uses polarizing sexuality issues in his verses. His body of work even includes a song called “I’m a faggot.”

There’s also the matter of this tweet from last October.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/LILBTHEBASEDGOD/status/28634522115″]

While to my knowledge the two have yet to collaborate, there’s no word on whether or not Kanye was indeed F’ed in the A by B at their first encounter. In an interview with Complex, B also gave this insight into his life:

“It’s a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community. I’m not a gay man. I don’t agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy. That’s not my thing. I’d rather fuck a girl, fuck her in the ass, fuck her in the mouth or something.”

The mouth on this young man! So it’s all a bit of a mixed bag with Lil’ B. He respect the gay community, but tosses around offensive terminology, and threatens assplay on his competition. We honestly aren’t sure what to think of B, and we can’t help but wonder if that’s kind of his goal.

What do you think of Lil’ B’s “I’m Gay” album title?

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