‘Deadpool’ Had So Much Sex They Cut Out — but Why No Queer Sex?

‘Deadpool’ Had So Much Sex They Cut Out — but Why No Queer Sex?

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Let’s be frank, the Deadpool sex montage which sums up a year of ridiculous love-making in just under two minutes is as sexy as it is funny.


From Christmas sweater debauchery to a mashed potato and cranberry sauce stuffed kiss, Ryan Reynolds never ceases to turn us on and make us laugh simultaneously. Well, it just so happens that Morena Baccarin, who plays Ryan Reynolds’ on-screen lover Vanessa, let slip to Conan O’Brien that many sex scenes were cut from the film.

While cuts are a natural part of the filmmaking process, these comments seem like a bit of a slap in the face to the film’s LGBTQ fans. Basically, the already (hetero) sexual film had so many straight sex scenes, that they needed to cut more.

And yet, even though it’s comics canon that Deadpool is pansexual, they couldn’t make him pan in the movie? Or given us some clip or hint at the notion of Deadpool’s pansexuality?

The only step outside of the quintessential “heteromance” is a brief attempt at pegging, which only happens because of International Women’s Day and ends in an uncomfortable Deadpool shouting “no.”


Let’s get one thing straight, the highly sexual Deadpool we’ve come to know and love from the comics is in no way, a “total top.” Why make a joke out of Deadpool getting it up the butt — especially when you’ve already removed all notions of his queer identity from the film.

While Reynolds’ has stated that he’s open to a boyfriend for Deadpool, the character’s sexuality in Deadpool 2 is as ambiguous as ever. If there’s any hope for LGBTQ representation as the leading figure in a superhero film it starts with letting Deadpool be queer.

However, queerbaiting gaggles of gays to spend their money only to disappoint them with fervent heterosexuality is a Hollywood pastime, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out the interview with Baccarin, along with Conan O’Brien and Ryan Reynolds kiss below.

Do you think there’s a possibility for some Deadpool queer romance in the new film? Is queerbaiting something you’ve frustratedly noticed in television and film? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @unicornbooty.

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