Here Are 11 of the Best Gay Films You Can Stream Right Now

Here Are 11 of the Best Gay Films You Can Stream Right Now

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It’s getting colder and darker as we roll into winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Which means there’s no better time to swaddle yourself, cuddle with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) and watch some movies. But with so many streaming options, what to watch? Don’t worry, we’ve got our list of 11 of the best streaming gay films you can see.

1. Moonlight

The film at the center of the most exciting Oscars broadcast in years is finally available for streaming. The coming-of-age film chronicles the life of a black man struggling with his sexuality from childhood to adulthood. Aside from the Best Picture Oscar, it also was named best film of 2016 by the National Society of Film Critics and Best Drama at the Golden Globes. (And we liked it too.)

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

2. Kiki

Considered the spiritual successor to the 1990 film Paris is Burning, Kiki reveals just how vital and vibrant New York City’s ball culture remains for young LGBTQ people of color. The vivacious cast provides unflinching views into the everyday struggles of sex work, transphobia, HIV and institutionalized racism without ever devolving into preachiness. But the film’s real star is the ballroom itself — a cheerfully chaotic, flamboyant and unapologetic space for self-expression and survival.

Streaming On: Hulu

3. Carol

Todd Haynes‘ Carol  adapted Patricia Highsmith’s semi-autobiographical novel about a lesbian relationship, The Price of Salt. It stars Cate Blanchett as a wealthy married lesbian and Rooney Mara as the store clerk that she becomes enamored with while Christmas shopping. (It’s perfect for the holiday season!)

Streaming On: Netflix, Showtime

4. Who the Fuck Is That Guy?

That guy is Michael Alago, and he’s cooler than you. Alago started his career booking bands for the East Village rock club The Ritz. He parlayed that into becoming one of the industry’s only openly gay record executives, signing metal bands Metallica and White Zombie. Though he still occasionally works in the music industry, his new passion is photography. Alago’s had a very interesting life — learn about him tonight!

Streaming On: Netflix

5. Hurricane Bianca

If you’ve ever wanted to see a RuPaul’s Drag Race feature film, Hurricane Bianca is pretty close. The film, written and directed by CBS This Morning editor Matt Kugelman, is about a man who loses his teaching job for being gay — only to get it back by dressing in drag, Bosom Buddies-style. While the movie’s a comedy, it does call attention to the real-life fact that you can be fired just for being gay in 29 states.

While it hasn’t come out yet, a sequel is coming, starring Bianca Del Rio (of course), Wanda Sykes, Rachel Dratch, Katya and Shangela.

Streaming On: Netflix

6. Neon Bull

In Neon Bull, Juliano Cazarré plays Iremar, a bull handler and aspiring fashion designer. He’s part of a traveling work group transporting animals from rodeo to rodeo. As such, Iremar lives a nomadic ranch hand life — sleeping in hammocks, peeing outdoors and bathing with scores of other naked male handlers. Yeah, there’s lots of nudity, but it’s also a good film on its own merits.

Streaming On: Netflix

7. A Single Man

Tom Ford‘s directorial debut tells the story of a depressed gay professor living in Southern California, circa 1962. George Falconer, played by Colin Firth, decides to commit suicide after his longtime partner, Jim (Matthew Goode), is killed in a car accident. But thanks to a couple of chance encounters, Falconer decides to deal with his grief. (Sounds like a real light-hearted romp, right?)

Streaming On: TubiTV (free, but with ads)

8. King Cobra

The dark comedy King Cobra tells the true, scandalous story of up-and-coming boyish adult film star Brent Corrigan (aka Sean Lockhart). An obsession with Corrigan led 25-year-old performer Harlow Cuadra and his 33-year-old muscle-daddy boyfriend Joseph Manuel Kerekes to stab Cobra Studios producer Bryan Kocis 28 times — nearly decapitating him — and then set his home on fire. The Boogie Nights of the gay industry stars James Franco and Christian Slater, and it’s full of winking, wicked fun.

Streaming On: Netflix

9. Other People

Other People focuses on David, the 29-year-old gay man who returns home to care for his dying mother, Joanne (played by SNL alum Molly Shannon). Shannon delivers solid laughs despite some predictable comic moments. Other Poeple‘s best scenes arise from David’s sexuality: His vulnerable yet matter-of-fact goodbye sex with his new ex and his awkward conversation with his unaccepting dad. While a parent dying of cancer isn’t exactly a laugh-riot, this dramedy is much funnier than you’d think it would be.

Streaming On: Netflix

10. Closet Monster

The debut feature film from Canadian director Stephen Dunn (creator of the brilliant Pop-Up Porno shorts) is a coming-of-age story about a teenage makeup artist struggling with his own sexuality; he’s got a crush, but a gay-bashing he witnessed as a child has given him recurring nightmares. Isabella Rosellini appears as a talking hamster — and the nightmares have been positively compared to body horror maestro and fellow Canadian David Cronenberg.

Streaming On: Netflix

11. Tickled

Tickled is one of the strangest documentaries you’ll see. It’s about David D’Amato, who as he was better known online, Terri Tickle. D’Amato, through his company Jane O’Brien Media, solicited men to make tickle-fetish videos. But when his models tried to distance themselves from the videos, D’Amato would launch defamation campaigns against them. D’Amato passed away earlier this year, but the documentary about him is utterly fascinating.

Streaming On: HBO

Have you seen all of these streaming gay films? Which is your favorite?

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