Student Mocks Homophobic Pastor: ‘Elton John Can Make You Gay’ (Video)

Student Mocks Homophobic Pastor: ‘Elton John Can Make You Gay’ (Video)

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Jerry Ramirez, a student of visual arts and an aspiring actor at the University of California San Diego, started mocking a homophobic pastor on campus by standing on a bunch of garbage cans next to the pastor and loudly repeating everything he said.

At first, the homophobic pastor thinks the young student is being rude, but then, as the student continues to repeat the pastor’s phrases, the pastor says, “Yes, you have potential. There’s hope for you.”

The student says, “I have potential! You all have potential too!”

Hearing this, the pastor says, “Well, maybe some people have gone far beyond saving,” He says, “Sometimes if you reject god for so long, god just gives up on you…. so, whatever you do, don’t end up a homosexual.”

“Don’t end up a homosexual!” The student says, wagging a finger. “God will not forgive you!”

“Well,” the pastor says again, “He might forgive you…. You might become a homo no mo’, that is possible.”

“It is possible you’ll become a homo no mo’!” the student repeats loudly as the classmates recording the interaction giggle.

Here’s their video of Ramirez mocking the pastor:

Ramirez continues loudly mocking the pastor by repeating his increasingly laughable statements. Here are some of the student’s best lines:

— “You might not be gay, but you might be acting gay, which is not okay. Don’t be like Justin Bieber! Be like J.C., not like J.B.!!”

— “Also… Elton John is a flaming homosexual, which is not good! You catch gayness by listening to Elton John! Please beware!”

— “Homosexuals lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce on you to make you catch the gayness!”

Soon after this, the pastor says, “I was beginning to think that everyone was against me here, but I’m beginning to think that this guy might be coming around.” He then asks the student, “What do you go to school here for?” To which the student replies, “This isn’t about me.”

“I just hope you’re not getting a degree in theater,” the pastor says, “because in theater, there’s a lot of gays there and you might wanna be careful.”

“Theater is dangerous because of the gays,” the student says. “Infested!”

“Remember, if you do major in theater,” the student later says, “you may not be gay, it’s just a higher possibility!”

“Also,” the student says later, “smoking cigarettes has been known to lead to homosexuality! If you put a cigarette in your mouth, who’s to say you wouldn’t put a penis in your mouth?!! Slippery slope! … Don’t stick things in holes, unless you’re trying to make a baby! If you’re tempted to put a penis in your mouth, go ahead and buy a lollipop instead!”

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