STUDY: Oh No! Bisexuals Are Poorer, Less Educated, And Smoke More!

STUDY: Oh No! Bisexuals Are Poorer, Less Educated, And Smoke More!

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Results of a study conducted by sociologists at Rice University indicate that bisexuals on average experience poorer health, make less money, often don’t graduate college and smoke more cigarettes — oh geez!

The upcoming report “A New Piece of the Puzzle: Sexual Orientation, Gender and Physical Health Status” analyzed the self-rated health and contributing factors among 10,218 gays, lesbians and bisexuals, along with 405,145 straight folks. Bisexuals fared worse than heterosexuals and homosexuals in every category.

Aside from straddling sexual lines, bisexuals also dance all over the poverty line — 39.5 percent of bi men and 42.5 percent of bi women make less than $25,000 per year, which probably plays a factor in nearly 20 percent of all bisexuals reporting poor health. Oh, and less than a third of bisexuals attain college degrees.

Justin Denney, an assistant professor of sociology at Rice, shared some thoughts about the results:

“If bisexuals are minorities within the minority and experience unique and more extreme forms of discrimination, this might contribute to disparities in things like earnings, educational attainment, the propensity to smoke cigarettes and other factors that affect well-being.”

And on top of all that, bisexuals still face a lot of discrimination, even from gays and lesbians who think they can just hide their sexuality whenever they want. Considering the biphobia is it any wonder that they stay closeted at almost six times the rate of gays and lesbians?

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