man. lips, beard, mustache, secret, lips, shhh
man. lips, beard, mustache, secret, lips, shhh

Study Reveals the Number of Gays and Bisexuals Who Lie About Having STIs

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A recent survey of 2,000 people reported that 1% of homosexual respondents and 3% of bisexual ones had lied at some point about having a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like herpes, chlamydia or syphilis; this is compared to 2% of heterosexual respondents who had lied. But other survey results might explain why these folks felt the need to lie, seeing as 43% to 50% of respondents said they’d break up with a long-term partner who fessed up to having an STI.

Daaaaaang. STI-stigma is real, y’all. But if they can’t handle you at your full-blown herpes then they don’t deserve you at your asymptomatic phase. F’real.

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