STUDY: Scientists Determine What Makes An Attractive Penis

STUDY: Scientists Determine What Makes An Attractive Penis

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Penises are like snowflakes — they are all different, and some are really small and melt in your mouth. No, but really… penises come in various shapes, sizes, colors, lengths and girths. No two penises are the same which makes exploring them twice as fun, but there is such a thing as a conventionally attractive penis. The Journal of Sexual Medicine took time researching what kind of sausage women prefer (yes, women only) and the results may reassure anyone who worried that size matters most; turns out, it doesn’t — well, not to women anyway.

In a research paper titled, “What Makes a Good Looking Penis? How Women Rate the Penile Appearance of Men with Surgically Corrected Hypospadias,” Swiss researchers conducted experiments to determine female taste in tallywackers (maybe taste is the wrong word there — it wasn’t THAT kind of study). The study was commissioned to reduce the fears of male patients who need reconstructive surgery for hypospadias, a condition in which the urethral opening is on its under-side of the penis.

Some men with hypospadias worried that their disco sticks would no longer look normal after the surgery. But the surgery closes the urethral opening to make the penis look like it’s squinting from a single eye, and it turns out that women prefer that one-eyed wink.

The study featured photos of 20 men (including 10 with surgically corrected hypospadias) who had their penises photographed from different angles. The photos were then presented to 105 women of varying races and ages.

Ranked from most important feature to least important, women preferred the overall cosmetic appearance of the penis followed by pubic hair appearance, quality of skin and girth (both tied for third), shape of the glans (the head), the penile length, scrotum aesthetics, and (lastly) the appearance of the urethral opening.

General cosmetic appearance being ranked first proves that penis size doesn’t determine a cock’s greatness; it’s about how pretty it is.

The appearance of a “pretty” penis is rather vague though. Does that mean there are no scars, visible veins or crooked appearance? The results didn’t say, but they do help to determine women and men may judge penises differently. So when it comes to impressing ladies, there’s no need to worry about how tiny Tim is — just keep the hedges trimmed and the pole looking tidy.

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