A Minnesota Mom Is Suing Her Daughter for Being Trans

A Minnesota Mom Is Suing Her Daughter for Being Trans

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A woman in Minnesota is suing her 17-year-old daughter for being trans.

The teen, referred to as “E.J.K.” by court notes and reporters, is an emancipated minor who has been living independently of her parents for two years. E.J.K. began transitioning not long after she was emancipated, but her mother Anmarie Calgaro soon found out. Calgaro then sued E.J.K. and the health clinics and family agencies helping her transition.

NBC News writes:

While Calgaro, speaking at a November press conference, portrayed herself as a loving and concerned mom, her transgender teen daughter’s court declaration tells a different story.

According to an extensive brief filed by E.J.K.’s attorneys and shared with NBC News, the teen grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota, in a house where unstable parents struggled with substance abuse. In court documents, she describes making her own meals and getting herself dressed for school at a young age, often relying on a “network of other adults who supplied some of the care and nurturing that her biological parents were unable to offer.”

The teen also said when she first came out as gay around age 13, her mother and stepfather became verbally and physically abusive. At age 15, she said, her mom gave her permission to move in with her biological father—who became incarcerated shortly afterward.

According to NBC News, Calgaro was furious when she learned that E.J.K. was transitioning without her permission, and wondered, “Why wasn’t I even notified?” Uh, maybe because you’re a useless, abusive drug addicted pile of garbage?

Calgaro’s lawsuit looks like nothing more than a bad mother’s attempt to further control and torment her child. Unfortunately, it’s happening in a context of a prejudiced society. And it could harm people besides her daughter by scaring patients, government agencies and young people away from trying to transition.

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