1 in 10 Canadian Students Are Looking for a Sugar Daddy

1 in 10 Canadian Students Are Looking for a Sugar Daddy

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New figures released by Seeking Arrangement show that one in ten Canadian students are seeking a sugar daddy. With how expensive college tuition is these days, can you really blame them?

Better Dwelling reports:

Over 206,800 students are using the platform Seeking Arrangement to find “sugar daddies.” That’s a staggering number once you realize Statistics Canada shows only 2,054,943 students enrolled in post-secondary education programs. These “sugar babies,” young people that receive an allowance in exchange for a relationship, are over-represented by female students. Over 40% of all sugar babies in Canada are pursuing post-secondary degrees.

The most expensive cities tend to be the ones with the most student sugar babies. Using the email addresses, Seeking Arrangement determined that Toronto-based institutions scored the top two spots. 683 sugar babies using student emails were from the University of Toronto, and 577 students were from Ryerson University.

You may be thinking: isn’t using your college email address risky? Sure it is, but there is catch that of course has to deal with the dough. When students use their college email address, they get a free premium membership. This is something the daddies have to shell out as much as $1,200 for.

The stats all have to do with Canada’s student population., but what about the U.S.?

Seeking Arrangement noted that in January 2016, over one million college students in the U.S. were seeking Sugar Daddies on their site. Compare that to statistics that 20.5 million students were enrolled in college last year, that is approximately 5% of the entire college population.

This isn’t quite as staggering as Canada, but it is interesting that students are turning to these relationships for the extra cash. Another fascinating stat to come off of the Seeking Arrangement website is that the average sugar daddy is 40 years old. That’s not a sugar daddy! That is more like a “sugar big brother.”

Now, where do we sign-up? We’re joking… sort of.

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