79-Year-Old Sugar Daddy Left Homeless After 24-Year-Old Husband Leaves Him

79-Year-Old Sugar Daddy Left Homeless After 24-Year-Old Husband Leaves Him

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A 79-year-old man has been left homeless after his husband, a 24-year-old sugar baby left him high and dry. Retired priest, Philip Clements married model Florin Marin in April of 2017. The newlyweds took gay media by storm due to their incredibly large age difference and their meeting on a gay dating website. (Watch the video below, their wedding was super awkward.) Well, their “happily ever after” didn’t end so happily, as the pair have now split and Clements is broke.

Clements explained what happened to LAD Bible: “We went off in April and we had a great time. We used to go out to the cinema and shopping. He makes me laugh. We’d laugh a lot. I came over to England for some medical appointments for a fortnight in late August. When I returned, we had a disagreement. I thought he was unreasonable.”

“I take some responsibility for it too but I decided there wasn’t a future. I was very lonely, not knowing the language or having any friends. Florin would spend a lot of time going out. He used to go to bed very late, sometimes 5:00 a.m. in the morning having been out nightclubbing or watching films. He said I wasn’t allowed to go clubbing. It wasn’t for old people. In my heart I didn’t accept it but I trusted him.”

Their house in Romania was originally bought in Clements’ name but he ended up putting it in Marin’s because he “wanted him to have security” after he died. Shortly after the couple split.

Clements has been back in the United Kingdom since September but is now relying on his friends to help him.

He said: “I left very sadly and very unhappy. My friends in England were telling me I should leave him but I left with a very heavy heart. He came with me to the airport. I’ve lost everything really. I’ve lost my house and was in a poor state. I stayed with friends on alternate weeks until I was given a granny flat attached to one of my friend’s houses. I regret selling my house. I bought the flat.”

However, since their split, the pair have kept in touch. Clements says, “I don’t want a divorce and he says he doesn’t want anybody else.” So maybe a “happily ever after” isn’t lost after all for the sugar daddy and his prince.

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