This Ad Campaign for Men’s Label Suitsupply Celebrates Gay Love on a Global Level

This Ad Campaign for Men’s Label Suitsupply Celebrates Gay Love on a Global Level

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The new SS18 collection campaign from Suitsupply — the global men’s tailoring brand — is putting the spotlight on gay love by illuminating the attraction between two men. While many parts of the world celebrate gay pride and love, they’re generally excluded from mainstream advertising. So it’s super exciting to see a global brand like Suitsupply highlighting gay love in such a fashionable and sexy way.

On display in nearly 100 stores throughout 22 countries, the Suitsupply SS18 campaign will put gay relationships front and center of the company’s “everyday” gentleman brand. The campaign features hunky models dressed in some of Suitsupply chic looks. We caught the images below on their Instagram, accompanied by steamy campaign video clips in their Instagram Stories.

A Suitsupply statement describes the brand has having “a strong reputation for combining best-in-class luxury fabrics with expert craftsmanship and an unparalleled in-store tailoring experience.” The new collection — now available in stores and online — features linen cotton blended suits, boldly checked jackets, lightweight bombers and introduces new colors to their Traveler Edition.

“The Traveler suits and shirts are crafted from smart luxury fabrics that won’t wrinkle in any suitcase, designed specifically for their on-the-go customer,” the statement explains. 

When asked why Suitsupply is launching a gay men’s ad campaign now in 2018, Suitsupply founder and CEO Fokke De Jong said, “The attraction between people is an important part of fashion advertising. A campaign featuring the attraction between men was long overdue and particularly relevant for our brand.”

“We will be running this campaign on-line, throughout our social channels, within our stores and on outdoor billboards,” De Jong added.

Does De Jong think the campaign carries the risk of negatively impacting business in countries where LGBTQ communities are not accepted?

“Yes, we do believe there is potential for negative impact, especially in countries where we have a significant presence, that are known for contrasting viewpoints,” he said.

But obviously, this isn’t stopping Suitsupply from celebrating gay love all over the world, no matter the political climate.

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