8 Super Bowl 2017 Ads That Are Woke as Hell

8 Super Bowl 2017 Ads That Are Woke as Hell

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The realm of sports is often considered a deeply conservative place, but maybe that’s not true. After all, we have people like John Cena preaching LGBTQ acceptance, and Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest racism. There is a streak of progressivism running through the world of sports.

This streak has extended to 2017’s Super Bowl, perhaps in defiance of our extreme right-wing government. Proud queer artist Lady Gaga performed the halftime show. And, to our pleasant surprise, some of the ads were surprisingly woke. Here are eight of our favorites.

Audi Takes Aim at Sexism

In a beautifully-shot ad, Audi criticizes the gender pay gap and expresses hope for social progress. The commercial features a proud father wondering about his daughter’s future as she competes in a race. It’s a sweet ad that has managed to piss off a lot of sexist troglodytes, which suggests it’s doing something right.

Budweiser Supports Immigrants

Budweiser’s commercial tells the inspiring story of the company’s immigrant founder as he travels to America in search of the opportunity to brew shitty, watery beer. The ad, overall, shows sympathy to immigrants, which is why Trump supporters are furious.

Kia Supports the Environment

Kia’s ads focused on the Earth, portraying Melissa McCarthy as a frustrated eco-warrior who loves the environment (though the environment doesn’t seem to love her back). It’s a little alarming to know that we live in an era in which a car commercial acknowledges global warming, but the executive branch of the United States government does not.

Mr. Clean Reaches Out to the Kink Community

Mr. Clean puts out some strong pro-kink vibes with an ad apparently aimed at femdoms.

You might think we’re reading too much into it, but look at the woman’s response to watching her man scrub the floor. She’s not just pleased to see her partner helping out with the chores; she’s pretty much cumming hands-free. Her man is getting down and dirty to serve her and she is super turned-on.

Airbnb Communicates Message of Acceptance

Whether it’s because of Trump’s travel ban or because the home sharing app has come under fire for discrimination, their Super Bowl ad had a strong message of togetherness. “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong,” reads the ad. Airbnb’s website included a pledge to provide short-term housing for 100,000 people during urgent times, including refugees.

Google Welcomes Everyone Home

A tad more subtle, Google brought us into the homes of many different families, showing a very diverse America. From a gay pride flag hanging on the front porch to a mezuzah hanging in the door frame, it’s amazing how an ad that would have seemed apolitical just a couple of years ago suddenly feels like a fierce statement about inclusivity.

Coca-Cola Displays America’s Diversity Proudly

Coca-Cola aired a previously run ad from 2014 where a diverse population sing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. Still relevant today, the ad shows how that diversity is what makes America so great. We can’t forget Coca-Cola’s infamous “Hilltop” ad that showed a diverse group of young people on a hilltop singing another song about buying Coke to boost world peace.

84 Lumber Powerfully Portrays One Immigrant’s Story

Fox wouldn’t let the building supply company air its entire commercial for showing a border wall. Its edited version that did run prompts viewers to check their website to see the ending. Showing the story of one immigrant mother and her daughter, we see what obstacles and odds people have to overcome to get here. After all that work, the ending on the company’s website shows that they find a wall at the border making their American dream a whole lot harder to come true.

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