You Have to Watch This ‘Super Mario’ Version of the ‘Sailor Moon’ Transformation

You Have to Watch This ‘Super Mario’ Version of the ‘Sailor Moon’ Transformation

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We stumbled across a Super Mario Sailor Moon transformation video on YouTube, and the ending result is very gay and pretty sexy.

The video shows a naked Mario traipsing through the air. Pieces of his plumber’s uniform magically appear, including a sexy thong, as he gets dressed into the Mario we know him to be. The vid concludes with a piece of his uniform disappearing, showcasing his cheeks and bulge for all to see.

Mario smacks his booty along the way, and there is some definite femme-energy to this Mario that we can’t get enough of. We’re not the only ones, too, as YouTuber’s have filled the comments section with praise for the 25-second clip.

One commenter writes: “This is glorious! There need to be more sexy magical man transformations in this world.”

Another said, “Now I’ve seen everything and can die peacefully. This video is the Internet’s official ‘THE END’.’”

“I’ve watched this thing at least 34 times,” another commenter adds.

The video belongs to someone by the name of Pluvatti on YouTube. It’s the only video on their channel, and as of press time it had around 68,000 views in six months.

Here is the original in case you needed a reminder:

Sailor Moon, for those you don’t know, is a massively popular anime series about adolescent girls who transform into powerful “Sailor Scouts” while defending Earth from inter-dimensional villains.

When Sailor Moon came to American TV in the early ’90s, Clover — the company that handled its North American release — redubbed the Japanese dialogue into English and effectively censored the show’s LGBT content.

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While LGBT narratives were scratched out of important cartoons back in the day, it’s fun to now add them back in. Thankfully, a lot of artists are doing this, filling our feeds with images of icons from our childhood as the queer role models we needed.

Maybe Pluvatti will hit Luigi next!

Watch the Super Mario Sailor Moon video above and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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