‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

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We love when talented artists take one of our favorite video games or cartoon obsessions and reimagine the characters as queer folk. Artist Leonardo Gutierrez did just that with his “Bearsionated” Super Smash Bros. seriesand the result is pretty fantastic.

Leo and his friend Ian are the founders of OSO Apparel. “We are Leo and Ian, friends with the goal to create high-quality fashion for people like us — bear lovers, geeks and fashion-forward folk,” their Facebook page reads. “OSO is the result, and our obsession to pair fun, flirty designs with excellence in craftsmanship, and to share that with you.”

The pair have created all types of fashionable pieces to add to your closet. Their latest is a “Super Smash Bears” line. There are four shirts the duo are selling to go along with 12 illustrations. They are selling styles for Mario, Pikachu, Link and Donkey Kong.

Hopefully, once those sell out, they will create shirts for the other eight characters as well.

Here are the 12 Super Smash Bros. bear illustrations:

Super Smash Bear Mario

“It’s a tee – Mario! Our titular Super Smash Bear is ready to lay pipe in this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over print of our hero making it rain coin – yahoo!”

Super Smash Bear Pikachu

“Pikachu bursts from the tall grass and right into our Super Smash Bears squad! Guaranteed to make you see double, this handmade soft-touch sublimated tee features an all-over print of Pikachu sure to receive thunderous applause.”

Super Smash Bear Donkey Kong

“Donkey Kong barrels onto the scene in our Super Smash Bears lineup! We are bananas for this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over print of Donkey Kong flexing at his finest.”

Super Smash Bear Link

“Hey, listen! Our Super Smash Bear Link may be famously few of words – but has plenty to show in this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee. Ready your rupees for this all-over print of our lumbering Link – but make note – Deku nuts are sold separately.”

Super Smash Bear Luigi

Super Smash Bear Captain Falcon

Super Smash Bear Kirby

Super Smash Bear Samus

Super Smash Bear Fox

Super Smash Bear Yoshi

Super Smash Bear Ness

Super Smash Bear Jigglypuff

To pick up a Super Smash Bros. bears tee — you know you want one — head here.

This article was originally published on January 30, 2021. It has since been updated.

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