Supreme Court Refuses To Allow D.C. Gay Marriage Appeal!

Supreme Court Refuses To Allow D.C. Gay Marriage Appeal!

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The United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal today from an organization attempting to stop same-sex marriages from being granted in our nation’s capitol.

Bishop Harry Jackson, a pastor from Maryland, had sued D.C.’s Board of Elections and Ethics after they would not allow him to submit a proposition that would allow a public vote akin to California’s Proposition 8 on the district ballot. Washington D.C. has been promoting marriage equality since 2009.

Today, our country’s top judges had their say on the subject, ruling that the ballot measure would authorize discrimination.

It really is amazing to be living in a time of such swift-paced equality reform. It seems obvious that federal marriage equality in all states will happen in my lifetime, and I’ll be able to wed my partner wherever I choose. Not just in the states that treat us as equals.

Fantastic news all around. Are you proud of our Supreme Court judges’ decision today?


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