UPDATED: Surprise! Homophobic Pizza Joint Unknowingly Caters A Gay Wedding

UPDATED: Surprise! Homophobic Pizza Joint Unknowingly Caters A Gay Wedding

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UPDATE: Robin Treviño replied to our pressing question, which has been added to the end of the article!

You remember Memories Pizza, right? The Indiana pizza joint that made a big deal out of refusing to cater gay weddings, even though most weddings don’t serve pizza anyway? Good news: Last Friday, they did cater a gay wedding! The bad news? They didn’t know it at the time.

Robin Treviño from the sketch comedy troupe GayCo drove from his home in the Chicago area to Walkerton, Indiana that Friday just to pick up two pizzas for the wedding the next day… and he filmed the trip:

In the video, he uses his phone as a hidden camera as he walks into the pizza shop, and was served by owner Crystal O’Connor herself. The handoff was relatively unexciting — we’ve all ordered pizza before, we know how it works — but there’s an undeniable thrill of watching him pull one over. His text-commentary on the hidden video portions is hilarious too — he notes that the pizzeria was smoky from burning pizza, and that despite raising almost a million dollars on GoFundMe, they still have a tip jar out.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Treviño explains his motivations behind patronizing the anti-gay establishment:

There has been some criticism that I gave them money and more attention. I was there on a random day, and they still get plenty of attention. There was a couple, during my 20 minute experience inside Memories Pizza, that were praising Crystal O’Connor for her beliefs. They assured her they only came because they saw her on the news. They asked if she signs a lot of autographs, and she confirmed that she does. It was worth the $27 I gave them to make a statement, and to break their winning streak.

Not everyone was amused; the story’s been seen on a few conservative blogs who objected, and their complaints are almost as funny as the actual trip. Hot Air said:

I’m sure most of you recall the convoluted tale of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. The local media, frustrated by their failure to find any actual wedding catering outfits who would refuse to service a gay wedding, began calling around to every business in the state which served food of any kind until they finally found a person answering the phone at a mom and pop pizza joint who said they would be “uncomfortable” doing so. That opened the flood gates for the SJW, who attempted to shut down their business, only to be thwarted when supporters across the nation raised nearly a million dollars for the owners. Well, you didn’t think the story was just going to end there, did you?

One gay couple decided to really stick it to the pizza shop and strike a blow for whatever progressive cause they thought they were supporting.

Young Conservatives was even more hilariously upset:

Indiana restaurant Memories Pizza received major backlash from liberals nationwide after they came out in support of the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Well, the pizza joint also said they’d never cater a gay wedding due to their deeply held Christian beliefs, which was obviously what sent lefties through the roof.

Memories had to close their doors for a short time due to liberal bullying, but went on to raise over $225,000-plus from supporters through a GoFundMe account.

Check out what these now “married” gay jokesters did.

Was it childish?

Is the Pope Catholic?

But our favorite bit of backlash is this bit of pure hyperbole from Milo Yiannopoulos, alleged journalist and GamerGater:

Wow, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Unfortunately, there’s one super important question that hasn’t been asked. Unicorn Booty asks the hard questions, and we got the answer:

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